September 2008 - "Tennessee Valentine"


This month’s tune is another one of David’s original songs, entitled “Tennessee Valentine”, which he co-wrote with one of his dulcimer students, a woman named Rachel Dennison. Rachel is an actress, as well as a singer and song writer (following in the footsteps of her sister, Dolly Parton). Rachel had signed up to take some dulcimer classes with David through Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music. It was during that time that they came up with this hauntingly beautiful song, a classic country waltz steeped in the Nashville tradition of “unrequited love”.


The song has been recorded at least three times. Debbie Porter included it on her album "A Dulcimer For You Darlin'", released in 1999. More recently, Amy LaVere included it on her 2007 release entitled "Anchors and Anvils". But my favorite recording of this song is the one David did himself on his "Uncle Dulcimer" project, which include his unmistakable, rich baritone vocals, as well as a bowed dulcimer, and some sort of "electronic distorted dulcimer" in the background.

Enjoy the tune, and as David would say, keep on pickin’!



        Would you be my Tennessee Valentine?

        Hold me close, and call me dear, one more time

        We'll walk in the moonlight, and kiss beneath the pines

        Would you be my Tennessee Valentine?


Bridge 1:

        Heart to heart, and hand in hand,

        I love the sweet harmony

        We slipped out of tune, way too soon

        I'm still trying to find the key .....


Bridge 2:

        I loved you then, I love you now

        I pray that you will be mine

        You hold the key, to my melody

        A song that is just for you and I ....

Tull Glazener