June 2019 - "In The Shade of the Old Apple Tree"

“In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree” is a popular song dating from Tin Pan Alley era of American pop music. The music was written by Egbert Van Alstyne (1882-1951), with the lyrics by Harry Williams (1879-1922). It became the best selling song of the year when it was published in 1905, selling over 700,000 copies of the sheet music in less than 4 months, which was a record at the time.

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Tull Glazener
May 2019 - "May Day Carol"

Although summer does not officially begin until June, the first day of the month of May, also known as May Day, is seen as the harbinger of summer. It is the time of year when warmer weather begins, and flowers and trees start to blossom. It is celebrated in different parts of the world with various customs expressing joy and hope after a long winter.

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