2-part arrangement of song written by comedic actor and film producer Charlie Chaplin. CAPO REQUIRED.

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Charles Spencer Chaplin was a celebrated comedic actor and filmmaker who wrote, directed, scripted, scored, and starred in over 80 films spanning 65 years.   He wrote the melody for “Smile” as the theme song for the film “Modern Times” in 1936.  In 1954, lyricists John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons came up with the words, staying true to the sense of both melancholy and optimism conveyed by the music and the movie.  Nat King Cole’s recording of it reached #10 on the Billboard charts in 1954.  It has since been recorded by such artists as Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, and Michael Jackson.

Click here for a YouTube "collage" of Chaplin video clips set to "SMILE".

This is a 2-part arrangement and requires the use of a capo.