2-part arrangement of a song written and performed by 60’s/70’s folk/rock/country/blues/gospel/bluegrass/jazz band called The Grateful Dead.

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This is a 2-part arrangement of the song "Ripple", written by Robert Hunter, who collaborated with Jerry Garcia to create many of the most well-known hits for the iconic folk/rock band "The Grateful Dead".  The song was first performed in 1970, and was released as the "B-side" of another of the group's greatest hits, "Truckin'".   It was also released on the full-length album entitled "American Beauty".  The lyrics are thought to make reference to the 23rd Psalm.  Cover versions have been recorded by Chris Hillman, Riders of the Purple Sage, Dar Williams, and Norah Jones.

Here’s a link to a collaborative cover version featuring musicians from all around the world was produced by the "Playing for Change" organization, which seeks to inspire and connect the world through music